Paris, France

Paris Is Always a Good Idea

Eiffel Tower – by day and night

The city of love, and I just love Paris!! I must admit this darling city is somewhere I had always imagined a romantic trip away with a boyfriend.  Picturing being whisked away to indulge in nighttime walks down streets lined with trees and fairy lights, quaint little cafes, just the right amount of wine, gorgeous food and stylish men and women everywhere.

The reality is so much better than that.  I went with my best friend, and it was romantic and gorgeous and wonderful – just in a totally different way to that which I had imagined.

The highlight of my trip was the Tour d’Eiffel – chest tres bon!



What an amazing structure.  Words simply cannot describe how fascinated and in awe I was with the Eiffel Tower, I expected it to be amazing but it’s so beautiful, graceful, iconic and old.  Even though it was built in 1889, it is timeless.  During the day it is simply stunning, standing like an old friend watching over the city.  By night, it’s a dazzling beacon, showing the world that Paris is one city not to be underestimated.

A must-do is to visit the 1st floor, a lot of people bypass this because you cannot get a lift directly to this level, but it’s glorious.  When we visited, there was a grassy area where you could buy wine or ice-cream and just basque in the sun with the one of a kind views you get from that height.

The top floor is an absolute experience too.  Yes, I’m scared of heights, but yes, I took hold of myself and ventured to the top!  The views are incredible.  To calm those nerves, you can even buy a glass of Prossecco – parfait!! 

IMG_7908Have you been to Paris before? I’d love to know your thoughts.  Leave me a comment, tweet or subscribe to my blog!

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