Edinburgh, Scotland

Unusual Eats in Edinburgh

It’s always great to find unusual places to grab a bite to eat or a few drinks when you’re somewhere new (or at home).


Pitt Street market is fantastic, tucked away in Leith it's a great little find.  Every Saturday, it's open 1200-2200, with an abundance of awesome food and good beer, with a little music thrown in too.  It's quirky and fun, perfect for those nights when you don't fancy the centre of town but want a good atmosphere and food choices. There are a few fire pits dotted about, to keep the cold at bay and make you feel wonderful and cosy.  Where else can you stand around with a beer (in Scotland) and still be warm in the winter months?!


When we first walked into the market, we could hear music emanating from the back, fairy lights above and just an amazing smell of food.  First up, we tried Barnacles and Bones (http://www.barnaclesnbones.com) - see our wee pic below.  It was delicious, battered prawns with a paprika mayo.  Next tasted such sumptuous tasty food, and it was fab to eat outside.  Almost like being abroad, minus the warmer climates, of course!  

IMG_1386After that we polished down a couple of Barney's Beers (http://barneysbeer.co.uk) which, I have to say, went down very well! One could say a little too easily but, I'm not the one saying that.  They were superb, hit thespot just right.

For the finale, we had tempura prawns in a beautiful brioche bun!  The batter was so light and subtle, allowing you to fully taste the prawns - just awesome.  Such good food to be had all around, and every week there are different food vendors there, although some of them are permanent.  Its great, there is so much choice and something for everyone.  Dogs are welcome which is even better, who doesn't love a wee beer and a cuddle with a furry friend.  I cannot recommend the Pitt highly enough, delicious and different food, great beer and a fantastic setting!


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