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So I’m currently on the train to Glasgow, watching the gorgeous countryside speed past!  I’m headed there with my day-job (sadly not blogging full time) and it just occurred to me that actually even having a blog I can log on to, is such  great thing.  My following may be small but as it grows I get more and more pleasure out of it.  Actually, the following is secondary to having an outlet I can go to and a chance to express myself.  ❤

I find the blogging community so interesting and open!  So many wonderfully talented people being very honest and open about their feelings, thoughts or just what they like to wear or what their latest make up purchase is!  I love to read make-up reviews and see what everyone else is doing.

It also motivates me to become a better writer, blogger and think of interesting content!

It got me thinking…

*what inspires you most?

*how often do you think you need to post?

*what do you enjoy the most out of your blog?

*generally, do you stick to one topic?


Would love to know your thoughts!


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